Mouse vestibular oculomotor reflex test system

Product model: GAT-MVOR series

Product features

The mouse vestibular oculomotor reflex test system (VOR) can detect mouse semicircular canal function and utricle function, and is currently the most advanced equipment for testing mouse vestibule in the world. The vestibule is an important organ that controls the balance and orientation of the body. The impaired vestibular function is mainly manifested in dizziness and balance disorders. The vestibular eye movement reflex can be used to evaluate the health of the vestibular organs. Therefore, this system plays an important role in studying the function of vestibular organs in mice.

Technical parameter

Rotary platform system parameters

Rotation angle: 0 ~±360 degrees;

Rotating platform accuracy: 0.2 degrees;

Rotational swing frequency: eight gears adjustable from 0.1 Hz to 5 Hz;

Rotational angular velocity: sinusoidal, the maximum angular velocity is adjustable in four gears from 5°/s to 40°/s;

Rotation mode: 34 gears;

Screen: Tilt touch screen;

Lighting and shooting system parameters

Lighting: using near-infrared LED light, the angle is adjustable;

Common video quality: 1080P resolution 60 frames;

Highest video quality support: 720p up to 240 frames per second, rotating sync LED pulse light for phase calculation

Anesthesia-free fixation system

Skull 3D scanning design, resin material 3D printing production;

Mice weighing 10-40 g can be immobilized.

Analysis software

Low-contrast pupil recognition and positioning system based on deep learning;

Eye movement gain and phase analysis software system.

Relevant information

Mouse vestibular eye movement test system coloring page

Instructions for use of the mouse vestibular eye movement test system

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