Mouse startle response test system

Product model: GAT-MSR series

Product features

The mouse startle response test system (Startle Response) can conduct conventional auditory stimulation startle experiments, auditory stimulation adaptation studies (Habituation) and pre-pulse inhibition test (PPI), etc. The system consists of 8 small soundproof rooms, which can emit full Audio, can meet various experimental needs. Commonly used in schizophrenia models, including behavioral assessment of animal models of Huntington’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and other psychiatric disorders.

Technical parameter

1. Test force table sensitivity: <0.1g;

2. High frequency speaker: 3kHz-50kHz;

3. Pure tone distortion: <-40dB;

4. Power stability: ±0.1dB;

5. Support PPI/FPS;

6. The signal generation module can generate 24 bit 16777216-level voltage signal to drive high-fidelity speakers;

7. Sound insulation system

Consists of honeycomb shock-absorbing sealed box, sound insulation 30dB SPL

8. Anesthesia-free fixation system

9. Data acquisition and analysis software

Relevant information

Mouse startle response testing system coloring page

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