Mouse auditory brainstem response test system

Product model: GAT-ABR series

Product features

The mouse auditory brainstem response test system (ABR) induces and records the potential response of the cerebral cortex by giving different intensities of acoustic stimulation, so as to judge the hearing loss. It is often used in hearing screening and hearing threshold evaluation. Our device has four channels and can test the auditory brainstem response of four mice at the same time. Auditory brainstem response is a short latency potential, which can be used to distinguish hearing loss, brainstem lesions and acoustic neuroma. The test of auditory brainstem response in mice can help researchers carry out hearing related research.

Technical parameter

Signal acquisition system

Maximum sampling rate: 16bits, 500KHz

High efficiency acquisition: four ABR simultaneous acquisition, 100kHz / Channel

Output signal: sinusoidal signal with maximum frequency of 200kHz; Short pure tone stimulation with sound intensity range of 0-132db SPL

Evoked potential amplifier: four channel multi-stage amplification, magnification: 20000; Second order bandpass filter 300-3000Hz; High flex raymo aviation connector with replaceable electrode pins

Power supply mode: battery power supply


Sound insulation system

It is composed of anti-magnetic interference box and honeycomb back shock sealing box, with sound insulation of 30dB SPL

The anti reflection structure designed by cone combination is adopted to eliminate the influence of sound reflection


ABR four channel simultaneous acquisition

Analysis software

By automatically extracting time-frequency features and loading them into machine learning classifier for classification, the automatic judgment of threshold is realized, and the results with high efficiency, high consistency and high stability are obtained.

Relevant information

Color page of mouse auditory brainstem response test system

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