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Shenzhen Giant Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as Giant Technology) is an independent innovation enterprise. The company is mainly engaged in the research and development and application of equipment such as neuroscience-hearing research and animal behavior analysis, including related test systems such as auditory and vestibular functions, and experimental animal behavior analysis systems. The company adheres to the development concept of “science, innovation, health, and service”, based on scientific theories, guided by innovation and development, focusing on human health and serving users. The mouse vestibular oculomotor reflex (VOR) test system, mouse auditory brainstem response (ABR) test system, animal gait analysis system, animal behavior trajectory tracking system, mouse startle response (Startle Response) independently developed by our company Test system, zebrafish VOR test system, zebrafish startle response test system, insect behavior recognition system and other equipment can achieve high-throughput and high-precision target testing, and are used in famous universities, research institutes, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies.

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