Zebrafish vestibular eye movement test system

Product model: GAT-FVOR series

Product features

The mouse startle response test system (Startle Response) can conduct conventional auditory stimulation startle experiments, auditory stimulation adaptation studies (Habituation) and pre-pulse inhibition test (PPI), etc. The system consists of 8 small soundproof rooms, which can emit full Audio, can meet various experimental needs. Commonly used in schizophrenia models, including behavioral assessment of animal models of Huntington’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and other psychiatric disorders.

Technical parameter

1. Zebrafish fixation platform without anesthesia:

Zebrafish can target 5-30 dpf body weight


2. Rotating platform vestibular stimulation system:

Rotation accuracy 0.2°

Rotational oscillation frequency adjustable from 0.05 Hz to 2 Hz

Control panel membrane keys and LED display

The rotation and swing stimulation method can be customized according to customer requirements


3. Zebrafish Eye Movement Illumination and Shooting System :

Near-infrared LED light, adjustable lighting angle;

Shoot 1280*1024 resolution 50 frames, 720p maximum frame rate 120 frames per second

Rotary Synchronized LED Pulse Light for Phase Computation

4. Eye movement and vestibular function analysis software system :

Eye Movement Gain and Phase Analysis Software System

Relevant information

Zebrafish Vestibular Eye Movement Reflex Test System Coloring Page

Video download link: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1BlqDBRCVHaDLRvXqdS5-ZQ

Extraction code: 1nso

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