Laboratory animal eight-arm maze analysis system

Product model: GAT-maze series


1. Product overview:

The eight-arm maze is a maze model used to study spatial memory in animals. It consists of a central area and eight arms connected around it, some of which are terminated with prey or electric shocks, depending on the animal’s feeding or escape strategy (number, time, error of entering each arm It can (such as animal activity path, various times, times and parameters), and can also establish a complete variety of conditional and unconditioned stimulation environments through stimulation-response modules such as sound, light, and electricity, and has a strong ability to run learning and memory experiments. ability.), which can reflect its memory ability.

2. Experimental principle:

According to the analysis of animal feeding strategy, that is, the number of times, time, correct times, wrong times, routes and other parameters of entering each arm can reflect the spatial memory ability of experimental animals. Relatively speaking, the eight-arm maze is simple and feasible, and can distinguish short-term working memory and long-term reference memory.

3. Features:

Minimum illumination:⁣⁣ 0.005Lux video capture card

Users can set up independent experimental data archive folders to facilitate experimental data management

Using video camera tracking technology to realize the automation of the experimental process

Avoid errors introduced by manual counting and interference with experimental animals, and the authenticity of experimental results is reliable

Video images can be recorded periodically, and indicators can be displayed in various ways

Automatically generate track graphs, track coordinates and real-time display of indicator results

Video file format supports AVI compression format with high compression ratio

Can reduce storage space and facilitate long-term experimental observation

Provide a complete experimental database function as a real record of research and material for future teaching demonstrations



technical parameter

  1. Equipment materials

Aluminum alloy frame and acrylic or organic board

  1. color


  1. Signal transmission method

Wireless transmission

  1. video quality

1080p, 30fps

  1. Software identification indicators

Regional stay time, activity distance, number of entries, latency, average speed, trajectory map, heat map, working memory errors, reference memory errors, etc.

Relevant information

Laboratory animal eight-arm maze analysis system coloring page

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