Laboratory animal gait analysis system

Product Model: GAT-Gait Series

Product features

1. Product overview:
The GAT-Gait experimental animal gait analysis system includes single channel, dual (multi) channel and running table gait analysis system. At one end, during this process, the walking posture/posture of the experimental animal when walking, the system uses the bright refraction technology of footprints to detect and analyze the walking cycle and the corresponding disease in which posture, and then evaluate its arthritis, nerve The extent of the effects of conditions such as damage. It can be used to study the motor function of model animals such as nervous system injury, muscle-related injury, bone and joint disease and trauma.
2. Experimental principle:
The light emitted by the light-emitting diodes is scattered into the glass plate, where the light is completely reflected. Only when the animal is in contact with the glass plate will the light in that area be refracted in the opposite direction. A high-speed camera placed under the glass plate captures these bright areas and sends the signal to a computer running the animal's gait analysis system. There is a top cover on top of the walking platform, which produces a red background, which allows the visualization of a photocopy of the outline of the animal's body.
3. Experimental features:
The gait of animals walking in a voluntary state and forced movement on a running belt can be studied.
The gait of animals in jumping and running states can be studied.
Under the known and same speed, a large amount of stride information can be captured to eliminate the error of experimental data analysis caused by speed difference of experimental animals.
Support bidirectional analysis function, that is, animals can collect data and analyze when moving forward and backward.

Technical parameter

1. Footprint optical refraction walkway system parameters
1.1 Length: 150cm;
1.2 material: tempered glass;
1.3 width adjustment range: 4cm / 8cm;
1.4 background light source: Red LED;
1.5 reflected light source: green LED;

2. Automatic tracking system parameters
Tracking range: 120cm, use the controller to track the animal position in real time and drive the stepping motor to track;

3. Shooting system parameters
Video quality: 1080p, resolution 120 frames / s, maximum support 720p, 240 frames / S

4. Software analysis system parameters
4.1 movement speed of animals
4.2 footprint area
4.3 length and frequency of stride
4.4 standing time
4.5 step swing time
4.6 length and width of single claw print
4.7 front lag, pair lag and rear lag
4.8 front clearance, butt clearance and rear clearance
4.9 number of contacts per claw
Additional analysis parameters can be customized according to requirements

Relevant information

Color pages of gait analysis system for experimental animals

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